Thursday, December 14, 2017

Saudi regime is really angry at Palestinians

The protests by Palestinians in Palestine and elsewhere inlaced chants against Muhammad bin Salman. This really angered the regime and it unleashed the Saudi Mabahith goons on social media to vomit racist anti-Palestinian trash talk.  Mahmoud Abbas (the puppet) had to intervene and declare yesterday that the Saudi King assured him that the regime won't accept except (East) Jerusalem as capital of Palestine.

Wow. A window of a restaurant in Jericho.

Changes at the New York Times

I resent the suggestion that A.G. Sulzberger was selected for his new post at the New York Times for any reason other than sheer talent. Nepotism didn’t enter the picture at all. This isn’t some Saudi royal dynastic rule.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Another freedom of expression case that you won't hear about in Western or Arab media

Mustafa Sbayti wrote (under the influence of alcohol by his admission) a poet comment on Facebook in which he expressed his desire to "sleep with Virgin Mary".  Of course, the Christian AND Muslim religious establishment called for a severe punishment of him although he quickly removed the comment and profusely apologized.  He has been in jail for the last few weeks, and was released today.  Here is m article on the matter: "Between the Bishop and the Poet".   Naturally no one in Lebanon lifted a finger for the poet because he is a secular communist who posts Lenin's picture on his Facebook.  Human Right Watch's office in Beirut--increasingly part of the Hariri coalition camp-- would have made a stink about the matter if the poet was a pro-Hariri right-winger.

When Anne Barnard linked Lebanese secular leftists with Hizbullah

From Alfred: "...Those who demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Beirut were not only secularists. More importantly to Anne Barnard, they are from organizations that are NOT listed by the US as "terrorist organizations". She wants to link those who are anti-Israel in Lebanon with know the organization that killed Americans and are called terrorists. "

On the secular communist and Arab/Syrian nationalist protest in Beirut on Sunday

For the live of me I still can't understand how Anne Barnard reported that there were Hizbullah flags. It was very clear that Hizbullah--for whatever--reasons did not want to join in the secular leftist and Arab and Syrian nationalist protest on Sunday, and held their own rally yesterday in the southern suburbs. Here are images of flags raised in the protest. Do you see any Hizbullah flags?

I am summoned by the Lebanese Ministry of Justice over a tweet

Under pressure from the orphans of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, i.e.  Lebanese Forces and their media like LBC TV station, the Minister of Justice of Lebanon succumbed to pressures and ordered a summon for me based on...a tweet.  The tweet was a "quoted tweet" in which I comment on a tweet by the Twitter page of UNIFIL in Lebanon in which it reported a high level meeting between "senior Lebanese Army officers" and Israeli occupation officers.  This happened the day after the Jerusalem move by the US.  I wrote: "Disgrace. Disgrace.  Lebanese Army commanders meet with officers of the Israeli enemy while Arab streets are boiling with anger over Jerusalem.  Let us call for disarming the Lebanese Army while keeping the arms of the resistance".    (The last sentence was written as irony but some Lebanese--like Americans--don't have an appetite for irony).  As you know, the Lebanese resistance movement started in 1978 by a bunch of Marxist-Leninists and later broadened to include other secular and leftist forces and later other Islamist-oreinted forces.  Throughout those times, the defense of Lebanon against Israeli aggression and occupation was undertaken by those volunteers with the exception of the time when Emile Lahhud led the Lebanese Army and when he was president, and insisted that the Army be used in defense of Lebanon.  I have lived in the US uninterruptedly since 1983, and yet the Lebanese Ministry of Justice can still be concerned over my tweets from California.

PS If I were a pro-Saudi right-wing Hariri writer, the story would have been picked up by all Western correspondents in Beirut and by Human Rights Watch office in Beirut. They would have raised a hue and cry over the muzzling of freedom of speech.  But the views of anti-Israel leftists, are not considered worthy of protection by those people.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ronald Reagan on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

"WASHINGTON, March 28 - President Reagan said today that it would be ''most unwise'' for the United States to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and he strongly suggested that he would veto legislation in Congress to require such a step. 
In an interview, Mr. Reagan said a bill requiring the embassy to be moved ''should never have been introduced in Congress.'' He said the disposition of Jerusalem, the West Bank of the Jordan River and other areas ''must be negotiated'' between Israel and the Arab countries. Asked if he would veto legislation on the embassy, the President said: ''I am hoping I won't have to. But like the several previous Presidents before me, I think that that is a most unwise thing.''"

Sunday, December 10, 2017

From the protest in front of the US embassy in Lebanon

My understanding from people who were there is that the protest was peaceful until the armed goons of Lebanese Internal Security forces intervened.

Lebanese Communist Party leader in front of the US embassy in Lebanon

The protest in front of the US embassy in Lebanon included basically and exclusively the secular Lebanese groups like the Lebanese Communist Party, the Syrian Social National Party and smaller Nasserist and Marxist-Leninist groups and organizations.  As I indicated to you before, clearly Hizbullah didnot want to be there and announced that his protest will be held in the southern suburbs. This is the LCP's secretary-general, Hanna Gharib, making his speech.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Protests in the Arab world

I noticed that in Jordan they chanted against Trump AND abasing Muhammad bin Salman.  But they also chanted in praise of Jordanian king.  Opposition and protests in Jordan can be as repugnant as the regime.  I also noticed that Iraq was very vocal against the US and Israel.  The entire political spectrum was united. Muqtada As-Sadr (who recently got favorable press in Gulf and naturally Western media) was most fierce in rallying the public against Israeli occupation.  This image is from a protest in Baghdad.  Someone should translate the article to the New York Times correspondents who wrote only two days ago that Arabs don't care about Jerusalem or Palestine anymore--because a Lebanese blogger wrote that in English.

Anti-Semitic depiction of Jewish people is back in Saudi papers: Al-Riydadh

It says "American bias" and the man with the Star of David carries a paper which says: "Jerusalem capital of Israel".

Friday, December 08, 2017

Friday mosque sermons around the world were devoted to Jerusalem Saudi Arabia

The sermons in Mecca and Medina were not about Jerusalem.

The protests by Arabs and Muslims around the world for Jerusalem should have been dedicated to the correspondents who wrote this article in the Times

"Rallying Cry of Jerusalem May Have Lost Force in Arab World"

Founder of Blackwater has deep ties to Israel

"U.S. businessman Erik Prince – who has just been accused of trying to set up a back-channel for communications between the Trump administration and Russia – has deep Israeli connections as well, including business dealings with Ari Harow, the disgraced former bureau chief to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." "With various people now touting Prince for a Senate run (including Steve Bannon), his Israeli ties could prove significant." (thanks Amir)

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Hizbullah avoids the Lebanese protest in front of the US embassy in Lebanon and calls for a different demonstration in the southern suburbs

The Lebanese Communist Party and the SSNP and other progressive forces in Lebanon called for a protest in front of the US embassy in Lebanon tomorrow (just outside of Beirut).  But Hasan Nasrallah today made it clear that Hizbollah is not involved in this demonstration and will be holding its own the southern suburbs of Beirut on Monday.

Marines snipers on rooftops of US embassy in Amman

The Jordanian newspaper, Al-Ghad, removed pictures and story on Twitter about US Marines snipers on rooftops of US embassy in Amman. It seems ordered were issued to the king from DC.

My interview with Electronic Intifada

My interview on Saudi-Israeli relations.

My interview with Electronic Intifada

My interview on Saudi-Israeli relations.

It was not the US which defeated ISIS: foes of the US defeated ISIS

Look at this ridiculous claim in the New York Times: "The American-led coalition has retaken 97 percent of the territory once held by the militants".

The US war on Yemen

"SA: Absolutely. Yemenis are not asking the US to come and save them from Saudi Arabia. We have to be very clear about that. We’re not asking for intervention. We’re asking for them to stop this intervention, to remove themselves from this conflict, to stop interfering in the politics of Yemen and causing this egregious humanitarian suffering by helping the Saudis at all these levels." (thanks Amir)

This his how the New York Times described this racist Zionist

Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.

""Mr. Shapiro, 33, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the cool kid’s philosopher, dissecting arguments with a lawyer’s skill and references to Aristotle."" Source is here.

Palestinian Jerusalemite historian, Tarif Khalidi on Jerusalem

Tarif sent me this (I cite with his permission):  "Trump gives an extraordinary reason why he accepts Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: "Because it is a fact". Had he been in power in Hitler's days, would he have accepted his conquests as a "fact"? Should Lincoln have accepted the Confederacy "as a fact"? Or ought George Washington (beneath whose portrait he delivered his grotesque speech) to have accepted British dominion over America as "a fact"? History is nothing but a series of revolts against unacceptable facts. But the man is beyond any recall to sense or decency.

Saudi MBC fires this TV anchorwoman because of this tweet

The tweet by Ola Al-Faris says: "Trump has not chosen the timing of the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in vain...After his visit to us it became certain that Arabs will condemn the recognition tonight while chanting the next day: Welcome, Thursday".  Al-Riyadh newspaper said that MBC didn't like the insult to the Arab people.  Yes, because the Saudi regime is highly respectful of the Arab people.

The New York Times report how on the bright of the Palestinian refugee problem

"A history lesson from the New York Times about how 700,000 Palestinians were uprooted from their homeland in 1948: “Amid violence by militias and mobs on both sides, huge numbers of Jews and Arabs were displaced.” And they were not kidding, mind you.

This is how Zionist media report the news from the Middle East

"Not knowing Arabic, NYTimes correspondents claim that there is no fury among Arabs on social media about Trump’s decision. They also claim that Palestine is not important to Arabs anymore. Their evidence? A tweet by one Lebanese blogger. Kid U not."

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

This in Saudi Arabia

Hashtag "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" #1 trending right now in

PS It also is in Iraq and Algeria.
PS and in Syria.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Jordanian King on his way for an emergency meeting to discuss the holy sites in...Abu Dis

Fury on Arab social media over Jerusalem

There is such a fury on Arab social media over Jerusalem but I am confident that none of the Western correspondents in Beirut or Cairo will notice in their dispatches.

Origins of the idea of replacing Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital with Abu Dis

The idea of replacing Jerusalem with Abu Dis as the Palestinian capital first appeared in 1995 in the Abu Mazen-Yossi Beilin document here.

Secretary Perry of Arabia

Abu Dis

Abu Dis is now by order of Jared Kushner the 3rd holy Muslim site and the 1st Qiblah.  Will the US government now order the relocation fo the Church of Holy Sepulchre to Abu Dis? What about the Aqsa? I am sure MbS can easily change Islamic teachings to accommodate this new US initiative.

Monday, December 04, 2017

And there are still some American liberals who still refer to Israeli system as a "socialist experiment". Hilarious

"“The United States made a decision last night to lower taxes . We cannot lag behind in the relief we are giving our business sector regarding both taxes and reduced regulation and bureaucracy,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said just before the cabinet cleared measures aimed at trimming the red tape required to start a business."

Make no mistake about it: all initiatives from UAE and Saudi Arabia are designed by Western companies: hence Western enthusiasm

"McKinsey’s consultants helped design Vision 2030 , the prince’s sweeping reform agenda aimed at ushering Saudi Arabia into a more open, post-petroleum future. "

Underestimating the Huthis

In every turn, the Saudi governments and media underestimated the Huthis.  They often mocked them as backward and uncivilized bunch, which only at every turn of the conflict made the Saudi regime look even more ridiculous.  

Whenever you think that New York Times can't sink any lower in its Middle East coverage, it surprises you

Look who it assigned to analyze Middle East politics now. What is next? It will assign David Irving to analyze the Holocaust? 

Saudi media changed the title of Salih of Yemen two days ago: from the "dethroned president" to "former president"

All were US allies when they were deposed--including Qadhdhafi

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Major achievement of the Sons of Zayid

"The Dubai Police Happiness and Positivity Council has received certificates from Guinness World Records for forming the largest UAE flag, by arranging 143 cars in the shape of a happy face, as part of the UAE’s 46th National Day celebrations, with the participation of 17 car clubs and teams. " (thanks Basim)

What Western media don't report about the Middle East: church censorship

A 65-year old Lebanese poet, Mustafa Sbayti, is languishing in Lebanese jail because he wrote on Facebook two weeks ago a poetic piece in which he said he wishes to "fornicate with the "virgin Mary".  There was a huge storm and both Muslims (who revere Mary and Christians) condemned his statement.  But that was not enough.  the poet apologized and removed his comment and admitted it was written under the influence of alcohol but the Catholic Media Center (which is a medieval-style censorship powerhouse, and which declared a few years ago that anyone who dares to criticize the Maronite Patriarch will be excommunicated) call for his arrest. He was arrested and is still in jail.  Today, the reactionary Greek Orthodox Bishop, Ilyas Awdah, attacked him publicly and called him a "drunk".  Some Gulf media called the poet "Hizbullah", when the man is an atheist communist and he has Lenin's picture on Facebook and named his daughter Lorca and his son Fidel.  Naturally, Human Rights Watch would not touch the issue because the poet in question does not belong to its right-wing camp of March 14.  

Countering Israeli espionage in Lebanon

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Countering Israeli espionage in Lebanon: Nationalization or Privatization of the Resistance"?

Saudi regime lobby promotes this video of Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman insults all Arabs and promotes a disgusting cliche of the Arab world and the Saudi regime lobby (there are two, actually, and this is one of them) promotes it.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Emperor Fadlo and his alleged abuses of power at AUB

He is now being referred to as emperor.  He sent armed goons to break a strike by graduate students.  He is accumulating abuses of power in his region. This page chronicles his (alleged) abuses.

Report: ISIS, Israel temporary allies

"A new report suggests that in the narrow arena of confronting Iran’s presence in Syria, ISIS and Israel’s interests may temporarily converge, which in a way makes them allies."